4 Brilliant Membership Drive Ideas to Successfully Recruit New Members

4 Brilliant Membership Drive Ideas to Successfully Recruit New Members

Are you looking to grow your club membership while keeping current members? This task isn’t always as easy as it looks. New clubs open with lower fees or established clubs offer new incentives.

These factors can leave you with a lack of new members and with the possibility of your current member base looking for other options. We will look at membership drive ideas that are sure to increase profits and allow for happy clients.

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1. Personal Connections

You can place digital ads and use email blasts. You may even get some decent leads from them. However, instead of following up with those leads through email responses, have a staff representative call the potential member.

This personal touch makes it easier to discern any hesitancies potential members may have and allow them to see your company’s great customer service.

Don’t forget to call people with expired memberships—they may not use their membership and have forgotten. Even if they allowed the membership to expire, they will appreciate the call and may renew.

2. Make it easy

If joining your organization or club is a lengthy process, consider shortening it. Make the paperwork easy to complete and submit. Most people do not have the patience for a complicated, long process to join anything–let alone a club!

Opt to make your website mobile-friendly. This is important as 60% of people use their smartphones and tablets as their main internet source. If your site is slow to load on mobile devices or forms difficult to fill out, you are missing opportunities!

3. Word of Mouth

When your current members are happy, they will tell people. The people they tell are 90% more likely to trust this information, which can lead to new members.

While this is great for your organization, your current members will appreciate some ‘thank you.’ You can offer a valuable discount for referrals or offer extra perks after so many new referrals.

4. A Foot in the Door

While your current members can tell their friends how great your club is, their friends may want to experience it for themselves. A free guest pass for a week or discounted guest passes allowing members to bring court partners can make it easy to get potential members in the door.

Another thought is to open your club to the public once per month or quarter. This again, allows people to experience your club without commitment and meet your staff. Be sure to have a sign-in sheet to collect information and follow up with each attendee via phone.

Make the Most of these Membership Drive Ideas

Each of these membership drive ideas can be implemented at a low cost. This allows you the possibility of mixing and matching them, and personalizing them to your organization.

If you would like to learn more ways to increase your membership numbers or how to improve your club’s management, schedule a call with us today!