It’s time for Tennis & Pickleball to just get along!

There is no doubt with the pickleball craze out there at the moment, tennis courts are more in demand than ever before. I truly feel that if tennis clubs do not start filling their empty courts with “open-play” pickleball they are missing tons of potential revenue.  The sport continues to grow at an all-time record pace and is projected to be even more popular than golf for the 70+ demographic by 2025.

With the new addition of “Combo Courts” to the CourtReserve platform, tennis clubs now have a quick and easy way to “split” up their tennis courts to two pickleball courts. It’s all about efficiency correct?

So now, when the tennis court gets booked, your two pickleball courts will be automatically “scheduled” on the court sheet without any additional work by the staff. On the flip side, if just one pickleball court is reserved, your tennis court will show booked, but the remaining pickleball court will stay open for business!

split pickleball courts into multiple tennis courts

Super efficient for clubs that are looking to utilize unused court space!

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