3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Court Reservation System for your Pickleball Club

Let’s play ball. Pickleball that is!

This tennis, ping pong, badminton triple threat is the fastest growing sport in America. From Florida to NYC, parks and facilities are making room for pickleball enthusiasts.

As the sport gains ground among athletic clubs across the country, more pickle-ballers are signing up for tournaments and championships.

With players and reservations piling up (in a good way), club owners, staff, and members need a way to manage data in an efficient and convenient manner. Most pickleball courts also double-duty as other facilities, so proper organization is much needed.

Enter the online court reservation system. Here are three reasons why you need one for your pickleball club.


From students to seniors, the sport attracts people of all ages. So, club owners already have their hands full with pickleball players looking to reserve some court space.

A reservations system allows you to better organize and manage all your scheduling in one simple, yet powerful platform.

It’s easy to avoid overbooking issues and keep track of player preferences online. Create membership tiers and categorize by individual or family. You can even create booking windows to schedule prime time rates.

When you offer countless club activities and schedules, an organized online system is key.


Technology makes it simple to go online via computer or smartphone and keep track of championship logs, upcoming reservations, and player history.

As a newer sport, pickleball court space is often limited or sharing space with a tennis court or indoor gymnasium. Additional functions of the reservations system include event lottery placements and the ability to rotate players. This helps to fully maximize your tournament slots and include more players.

With a reservation system, all is fair in pickleball. The system’s random placement of tournament players takes away any notions of favoritism, giving all members the same opportunity. Read more about why this is important for club owners.

Communication also becomes more efficient. Should you need to alert members of changes in schedules or upcoming events, you can easily send emails and notifications. Reporting and analytics are also right at your fingertips.


11 points for the win, and 30 minutes per game…unlike tennis, the rules of pickleball are quick and simple. So your reservation system should be the same.

The easy to access online member portal helps to manage and analyze information better. In addition to booking pickleball court online, group members can search for playing partners based on skill levels. They also have the option to pay online, or directly through the mobile app.

Accessibility and visibility are important factors for club members. Online reservations for pickleball take the guesswork out of when and where courts will be available.

The software can also integrate with your own website, providing a seamless interface for users.

Step Your Game up with a Court Reservation System

Whether you’re starting a pickleball community or managing leagues at your local athletic club, a court reservation system provides a peace of mind for both club staff and members.

Learn more about how this software can benefit your club, and strengthen your pickleball game.