Stop the Court Hog

When a member joins your club, it comes with an expectation they will be treated the same as every other member. Bottom line – no preferential treatment. If members are not able to have the same access to opportunities as others, they will begin to question why, and their perceived value of their membership will begin to degrade — even to the point of dropping their membership. The mistake we see in a lot of clubs, is that preferential treatment is handed out to members that may have been around for years or even to members that a club owner has a fear of losing. Making this mistake can actually cost you more than if you let the member who is used to getting everything simply walk away.

So what’s the answer here? The answer is to put everyone on the same playing field in terms of what you offer your members. Using a tool like CourtReserve reduces the headache of deciding who gets what court and allows all members the same opportunity to login and book courts and signup for events. Position yourself as the hero, not the bad guy.  Let the tool do the work for you.  Your members will appreciate you for it.