How a Court Reservation System Can Help You Grow Business

growing tennis business

In 2017, there were over 17 million Americans participating in tennis. If you’re a tennis club manager, you oversee a lot of court reservations. That’s besides all your other duties.

Most tennis clubs in the U.S. are slow adopters when it comes to technology. There are some great software solutions that’ll give you more time to grow the business. And they’ll put you ahead of the pack.

A court reservation system is one such software making it easier for club managers. Read on to learn more about this approach to managing your court reservations.

Software for Tennis Clubs

Leveraging software solutions for your tennis club streamlines basic administrative tasks. This saves both time and money. A few things that tennis club software does:

  • Instant processing of online fees and payments
  • Club members book courts themselves online
  • Tennis club website
  • Event calendar with online resources
  • Improved member communication with automated emails and newsletters
  • Automated invoices
  • Member contact database

Most tennis clubs still use paper and pen and a book at the front desk for court reservations. Members call the club and someone on staff reserves the court. It’s an inefficient system.

Sign-up sheets get lost. Busy staff members forget to write down court times.

Technology Forward

Over 75% of adults in the U.S. own smartphones.

People with smartphones are comfortable with technology. Members won’t balk when you upgrade from antiquated systems to technology-driven systems.

If you don’t leverage technology, you’ll lose members.

In this age of instant communication, most people don’t want to call for a court reservation. Online reservations are faster and easier. And better organization translates into higher court use.

Ease of Entry

With the right court reservation system, members make their own reservation. Then they let themselves onto the court.

Electronic swipe cards limit member access. The person with the reservation is the only one whose card will work on the gate or door.

No more accidental double-booking of courts. No more court conflicts and unhappy members. You can even set up court restrictions that keep family members from booking all the courts at one time.

Club Events and Member Recruitment

A good court reservation system also gives you the tools you need for marketing club events. Tap into the member database and send out invitations. And you’ll be better equipped for member recruitment.

Recurring Membership Fees

Automated invoices are another great feature of court reservation systems. No more printing and mailing invoices. Set up the system and let it do the rest of the work.

Process membership fees automatically online as well.

Increasing Growth and Success

A court reservation system sets you up for success. You’ll have more time to spend on the business side of the club. You’ll spend less time handling routine administrative tasks.

Court conflicts become a thing of the past and member satisfaction goes up. Handle memberships, recruitment, and events online. Keep membership lists updated in a central database.

Isn’t it time you used technology for your club’s benefit? Whether your club is small or large, there’s a plan for you. Wondering about a court reservation system? Get more information here.