5 Pickleball Tips That Will Help You Win

5 Pickleball Tips

Pickleball might look like a deceptively easy sport, but there’s actually a good amount of skill and strategy that goes into a good game. You don’t have to be an excellent tennis or badminton player to play pickleball well, but there are some skills you should have if you want to win.

Looking to improve your pickleball game? Read on for five quick pickleball tips for a better game.

1. Add Spin

If you’ve ever played tennis, volleyball, or a similar sport, you know that balls with a little bit of spin are harder to return.

Balls with spin react differently during the volley and can go in directions that your opponents won’t be able to predict. If you’ve been playing pickleball for awhile and feel like you have a good level of control, try adding some spin to up your game.

2. Serve to the Middle

When it’s your turn to serve, there are three potential places you can aim. You can shoot for the middle of the court, directly in front of you, or cross court.

Depending on your swing, it might be easier to serve it cross court. If you can, though, try serving it to the middle. If you’re playing in twos, serving it right between the two other players will cause them to hesitate.

The net is also lower in the middle, which increases your chances of getting your serve over.

3. Be Consistent

These tips are helpful, but they’re also practical. There’s no need to get super fancy with your game and try to do lots of new things in the middle of the game.

Trying to showboat will cause you to make mistakes. Instead, stay steady and consistent. The longer you can do this, the better your chances are that the person you’re playing against will mess up instead.

Unforced errors on their side are still points for you — there’s no need to be a power player!

4. Learn to Dink

If you’ve seen short drop shots in tennis, you know what a dink is in pickleball. This is a great move to have in your arsenal to force your opponents to change up their game.

You don’t always need to send the ball deep into the backcourt to score points. Changing it up by dropping it just barely into the opposing non-volley zone will add an element of strategy into your game.

It will also keep the other team on their toes!

5. Practice!

Of course, there’s no substitute for practicing often. Every good player has to put in the hours to practice and improve their game.

This will help you build muscle memory and really get used to the movements in pickleball. The next time you play, everything will be second nature.

They say practice makes perfect for a reason, so get out there!

Put These Pickleball Tips to Good Use

With these five pickleball tips, you’ll be well on your way to improving your game in no time. The next time you step on the court, you can play with confidence.

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