3 Unique Ways to Promote Your Club’s Events

Are you looking to drive more foot traffic to your club’s events and tournaments?

Event marketing can be tough. Just look at the Fyre Festival as an example of how large-scale event marketing can turn into a disaster and ruin a brand.

Read on to learn 3 unique ways to promote your club’s events and increase attendance!

1. Get Social!

Are you using your social media profiles to your advantage?

Whether you’re connecting with tennis, golf, or racquetball enthusiasts, your target audience likely hangs out on social media.

Do some research on hashtags and keywords that will get more impressions on your posts.

Use videos of your events, photos from previous events, and testimonials to get attention in the time leading up to each event.

Instagram is a great platform for hosting high-quality images and getting impressions through hashtags. Set up an event page on Facebook to build awareness over time.

Quick tip: don’t be afraid to join in on the conversation! Treat potential guests like real people online.

For example, on Twitter, you could search for sports-related tweets in your area and chime in with whatever is being discussed. Don’t act like a salesperson. Think about building a relationship!

2. Don’t Neglect Advertising

Speaking of social media, spending some of your marketing budget on paid traffic is a great way to increase awareness of your club’s events fast.

With Facebook advertising, you can laser target the people who would be most interested in attending an event or tournament.

You can target based on interests, demographics, location, and serve them ads online.

From the ad, potential customers can be sent to an informational landing page or directly to your online booking system to sign up.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! For example, you could host a giveaway for free tickets and watch traffic pour into your event page!

3. Leverage Partnerships

Partnerships are one of the most neglected club marketing ideas.

Even if you already have sponsors for your event, don’t neglect local partnerships.

Businesses in your area that have great foot traffic are perfect candidates for these types of strategic partnerships.

For example, you could partner with a local restaurant or brewery. You could feature their signature drinks or dishes at your event in exchange for publicity leading up to the event.

Additionally, local sporting goods stores might offer you a great opportunity to hold an online contest or giveaway, similar the one we mentioned with regard to Facebook advertising.

Ready to Promote Your Club’s Events!

Whether you’re promoting your first tournament or have hosted events for years, you’ve got a solid foundation to get started using these three tips to promote your club’s events!

Start by working with evaluating your marketing efforts with your team and implementing these ideas one by one.

Don’t put these club marketing ideas into place without a robust registration system! Contact us to see how we can help!